Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exciting News! - Lolita Patterns

The day has come! Remember how I keep hinting about big news? My friend Nhi and I have started a pattern company! It is called Lolita Patterns. Our company is lolita inspired sewing patterns for a professional wardrobe. We both work in corporate positions and there was a severe lack of sewing patterns that addressed this and we also both love the Japanese lolita fashion styles. We remedied this by making our own and combining the two! No more needing to choose who you want to be at work and who you want to be at can combine the professional office attire with a lolita twist and have it all.

Go check out the website and see what it is all about! Our first pattern, Fuchsia, will be released next Wednesday, February 6th and it will be FREE! Sign up for the newsletter or the blog and all the other social media to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Thanks for supporting us and I hope you love our patterns as much as we do!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jungle January's Giorgio's Top

I decided to partake in Prttynpnk's Jungle January  over at Pretty Greivances and here is my contribution! It is another version of Silhouette Patterns Giorgio's Top. I made this version before out of a slinky knit and while it turned out looking fabulous, it did not have quite the flare I was expecting from the pattern envelope. So this time I tried it in a lighter weight fabric...only problem is it has sort of a plasticky type feel on the top--not like vinyl but something I don't think this is the right type either. I bought some tissue weight rayon knit for the next mistaking that fabrics lightweight-ness!

This version turned out fine, it looks good and there were no construction problems, it just is not as peplumy as the pattern cover either...same problem as last time. In any case, I wear my other version tons so I have no reason to think this version won't get just as much wear. And how fun is the animal print?

I got a couple yards of this red semi plasticky type polyester knit in a bin at Michael Levine's loft...and I think after this garment, it should probably be relegated to muslin or t-shirt type pattern status...because of the weird plasticky definitely affects the drape. I still love the fabric...which is weird because I am NOT a fan of red...but combination of knit and fun leopardy jungle print and I am all over it!

Oh and because of the last version being a tiny bit big, I took larger seams on this one. Of course I did not think ahead of time about how compounding that over the million seams this thing has (princess seams) would make it significantly this version is a little is only really noticeable on the arms because the flare at the bottom makes this garment very forgiving.

side view--look a little bit of peplumyness!

back view

You can check out the pattern review here.

In other news, I jumped on the sewing dares that are going around started by Crafting a Rainbow. Leila of the Three Dresses Project dared me to sew some trousers! (and we also had some awesome Buffy discussions in the comments as well...)And would I back down from a dare?? No way! So I'm in. I'm sewing some point. There is no time requirement.

Anyone else want to be dared???? Leave a message below and I will scope out your blog or your pattern review/Burdastyle and come up with a dare for you....just as Leila did for me!

Don't forget to follow along either by email, friend connect, rss, or blog lovin'....I've got some big news in don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my Epic Birthday Giveaway! The time has come to reveal the winner. Now if you will remember, the giveaway was for my birthday as well as one of my doggies Pumpkin's birthday. I have to also share with you Pumpkin's favorite toy in the whole wide world---paper and paper towels. She LOVES paper! Any time she sees paper anywhere she will grab it and take it. Therefore, I thought it was only fitting if Pumpkin picked the winner!

First I wrote everyone's name down on a piece of paper, giving each person the correct number of entries, and put it in her bowl. (Which I custom made on here on

Then I gave the bowl to Pumpkin.

And let her get her favorite toy!

She is not the cleanest player in the entire world so she kind of made the papers fly everywhere (I cleaned them up--don't worry!)...but more importantly...she took one in her mouth! She was so proud!

I had to grab it but she was stubborn! She wanted her new toy!

But I got it!

And here is the slobbery paper with the winner's name!

Congratulations Alison Esther! Please email me with your address so I can send you all your goodies!

She is a new blog discovery for me and when she commented and started following me on Pinterest, I checked her out and did the same! She has a great blog named Cats & Crafts. She is as into cats as I am into dogs! It is always great to find fellow sewasaurus rexes that are animal lovers as well.

Thank you all again for participating. I have big news coming out in this new year and will definitely be having more giveaways!

I leave you with one more cute picture of Pumpkin, I couldn't resist. Hahaha, she has the sticky note on her sad I took it away!