I am a criminal defense attorney living in Los Angeles that loves all things sewing and embroidery!  On a daily basis you will find me doing machine embroidery and quilting and sewing various garments and home dec items for family and friends. I do custom sewing and embroidery work when commissioned and love every minute of it! 

I have four dogs, Princess, Buffy, and Wednesday.  Princess is Siberian Husky mix, Buffy and Wednesday are both English Bulldogs, and Pumpkin is a Bloodhound.  While the combination of defense attorney and sewing enthusiast may seem strange, it works for me!

Buffy and Wednesday....practically clones of one another!

Wednesday curling up on the bed

Princess curled up on the bed

Wednesday being goobie

Pumpkin, on her first birthday--which was also my 30th!

Buffy keeping me company while sewing

Pumpkin and Wednesday as tiny puppies

Awww...my little Pumpkin when I could still lift her like that

Princess found the stack of freshly washed dog beds--and decided they were hers!

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