Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Phew! and New Look 6648

looks like I need to clean the camera lens.....

New Look 6648....a ridiculously comfy top that has been reviewed many many times on PR. I made this out of a poly/rayon/spandex I got on my recent excursion to LA's garment district. This knit was only 2.99 per yard in this store that I wish I remembered the name of! They had all your basic colors as well. I wasn't sure about the quality but it washed well and wearing it is amazing!!! This is the most comfortable fabric and top that I own. So comfortable in fact that the first day I wore it, I wore it to sleep as well because it was just that comfy! I did not want to take it off!  This fabric is so soft and warm its incredible. I want to go back and find that place so I can get more!  Also, sewing with the fabric was not very difficult...the edges curl a little but such is life with a knit.

Here is a good picture of how large the sleeves are....but they end up making the shirt warm.

back view

Now I ended up cutting too many of the bottom band because I misread the cutting layout...which I normally don't even follow anyway! So I made another colorblocked one with this same fabric used as the band at trim. But that one bled in the wash....which is so weird because I wash the teal one all time with all my clothes and there is never any bleeding! And I prewashed the fabric! So I don't understand what happened with the second one....weird. I will show you all when I get pictures of the second. It is currently in the washer...I still wear it around the husband is so lucky :)

These are the cute shoes that match so well...I got these approx 8 years ago from Nine West

Also on the second, I tapered the underarms up some so the sleeves were not quite so large...but I kind of like the original better. Well it really depends on the look you are going for...the sleeves I redrafted below are much more casual than the originals. Here are some close-ups of how I changed the sleeve on the second version in case you want to redraft yours in a similar manner.

I drew a line out from the arm
then drew a line up from the underarm
Then connected the two lines using the curve to make a nice rounded shape--if you look closely you can see the white chalk from the two lines made by the above pictures
closeup of the chalk marked curve
after it was cut off

close up of where it was cut off so you can see the relation of the notches

So in summary, just read the layout carefully because I didn't pay attention to how it is not folded selvage to selvage but otherwise, the million reviews on PR are not wrong...this shirt is easy, fun, and comfortable!

Check out my pattern review here.


  1. What a great top! I love the teal color and can imagine the comfort!

    1. Sooo comfortable! I have to find that fabric store again!

  2. What a great top. Some comfy yoga pants and it can be literally a day to night look. Minus the fabulous shoes, of course. Love it!

    1. The pants in the picture actually are Silhouette patterns Yoga pants!!!

  3. I love that top! Gorgeous colour too :) I might have to keep an eye out for that pattern.

  4. That top does look comfy but also dressy enough for work. And your shoes are super cute, love the color.

    1. I do think this shirt could be pulled off for work...what a bonus! How often are work clothes that comfortable???

  5. Ohhh, looks super cute and comfy all in one! Great sewing, and love the shoes....


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