Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Torah Table Cover

Right before the High Holidays, I was commissioned by a temple to make a cover for the table the Torah sits on. They showed me the other cover they had and wanted me to make something similar and the rabbi asked me to add some words in Hebrew. So, armed with my mission I went to creating this cover. And let me tell you....argh!  This was a tough project. Its not that the construction or details were difficult to do, it was just the sheer volume of the project. You have to realize, this was 18 feet of fabric for the top and then another 18 feet of fabric to line it with!  My sewing room is not the size of a warehouse!  In fact, it is quite cramped because I keep a LOT of stuff in there. (I'll do a post on my sewing room later) So having all that fabric and piecing it together and lining it and everything needed a lot of space that I did not have. That is what made the project so difficult.  Also, I couldn't put the embroidery on the corners or in the center for the Hebrew words until it was pieced and I could see exactly where to place the wording so it would show according to the measurements of the table. You know what that means?!?!  I had to hoop the entire 18 feet of fabric multiple times! you can see why it was so much work. Furthermore, I had to hunt down the perfect fabric, the perfect trim, the perfect thread, etc and somehow measure out the perfect size to cut and piece the fabric even though I didn't have a lot of room to lay everything out!  But guess what?  In the end it turned out beautifully...the temple and all of its members LOVE the cover and everyone was so appreciative. It was also quite an experience for me and something I had never made before. Plus if you look online, these Torah table covers or table covers for a temple go for over $600! And that's the low end of the pricing. So the temple was grateful I was able to create something perfect for them, with their logo and words, that did not cost them $600.  Here is a close up of the embroidery--The rabbi says that it means, "The gates of prayer are always open."
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