Friday, September 28, 2012

An Award!!!

I have been thing these blogging awards going around the sewing blogosphere for months and being secretly extremely jealous....or maybe it was not such a secret. In any case, I finally won an award from my friend Jill who blogs at The Sew Alongs. If you follow my blog, you will have seen her mentioned before on a fabric shopping trip to the garment district as well as the post on Promaballoona! She is the gorgeous one in the red and black vintage dress in the picture below.

The rules of the award are that I have to share 7 things about myself so here they are:

1. I love all things Halloween and skulls and vampires etc. So much so that I had a Halloween themed wedding and my house is decorated year round inside (it would be outside too if my HOA rules did not forbid it!) I also did a LOT of DIY for this space for some of those details....a wedding Wednesday series perhaps??

2. I make it my goal to spend the most time possible in bed....I LOVE my bed and being in it. I can do almost everything from my bed...I eat it here, work there, play with my puppies there, watch TV, read, etc. I don't like to leave it and the second I get home from anything I change into PJ's and jump into bed.

3. I browse the Internet almost exclusively on my phone...this is because of item #2 above. The annoying thing is that there is no pinterest app for the android based phones yet so I cannot pin from my I email myself all the cool links I want to pin and then when I get to my computer I open all my own emails and finally pin things....seriously can't pinterest get on top of this??? Don't they realize people need to stay in their bed? Lying down I mean...not sitting up on a laptop...let's not get totally crazy! (or totes cray cray as James Van der Beek says on Don't Trust the B....yes I went there) UPDATE: Pinterest made an app for the phone in August--I had this post in draft mode for awhile--and I have been happily pinning!  Yay! You can follow me on Pinterest here.

4. I have four beautiful babies. One Siberian Husky mix named Princess who is 11, two English bulldogs-one is 5 and and named in Vampire Slayer, and the other is 10 months and named Wednesday as in Addams, and one Bloodhound named Pumpkin who is 9 months old...and the biggest by far...she is already 100 lbs and such a cuddle bug.  (see item #1 above for info on the theme of my dogs names)

5. I was a hardcore gymnast for 11 years when I was a child. I actually met my husband coaching gymnastics...he was also a coach!

6. I love love love glitter!! And super bright colors...the more neon the better...and lace!! So beautifully gothic. Yellow is my favorite much so that when the car I wanted no longer came in yellow (Nissan Xterra) I had it wrapped in Pantone yellow vinyl...cheaper than a paint job and when it's taken off, the original perfect black paint job is still underneath.

7. I machine embroider as much as I sew...I can do anything with an embroidery machine and can digitize as well. I also happen to be very familiar with my serger...I can do almost anything on my serger and use all the attachments. I have been contemplating doing a major serger learn along complete with making samples to teach all of you to do more than just finish edges with your serger...what do you all think of this? Maybe a weekly day we learn a new thing on our serger? Let me know if there is some interest

Those are my seven things! I also get to nominate 15 other blogs! I can't keep track of who has already received the award so I am just going to nominate blogs I love. I also have over 400 blogs in my blog roll so it is hard to pick just 15...see the left side of my blog for tons more to be inspired by.

Lower Your Presser Foot - She has the most makes and patterns matching my style than any other blogger. I can see myself making almost everything she has made! We have the same style...I love getting ideas from her.

Struggle Sews a Straight Seam - I love getting my Leah fix!  She is the funniest blogger I know...and her makes are totally cute! I even found myself using her phrase, like I do, in one of my posts...her blogging has infiltrated my life!

Amanda's Adventures in Sewing - I just discovered that this blogger is well known seeing as she is now part of Mood's sewing network....I've been following her for awhile. I love her makes...she uses great fabrics and well fitted styles. And her little daughter is as cute as a button!!

Sewing Through the Motions - Do not miss this one!!  She has the cutest style!  She has not been posting ass much lately (like me lol) but I read back to the beginning and read every post of her blog...check it out!

Of Dreams and Seams - Wow this blogger can do amazing things with fabric! The can turn the smallest scraps and old garments into the most incredible outfits!

Hey! Look What I Made! - This is more of a crafty DIY blog than a sewing blog but these DIY's are fantastic. I want to make almost every single one of them! It helps that she loves glitter, glitter, and more glitter! (see #6)

Brown Paper Patterns - I actually know this blogger in real life...we met through another sewing friend and have since been shopping in the garment district with her, had an all day sewing marathon at my house, and attended Promaballoona!

MushyWear - This blogger has a great etsy store where she sells bags made of Hawaiian prints and linen...she also lives in there is a tropical air that goes with all her makes...its refreshing

Meg the Grand - Love love love this blog!!  She is also so funny...rivals Leah from above. I would want Meg to be my best friend if I lived in Chicago.

Rhonda's Creative Life - Not only is she an amazing seamstress, she gives free tutorials for patterns and shows how to draft all different kinds of sleeves. Tons of information and gorgeous garments!

Sewing by the Seat of My Pants - This is the first sewing blog I discovered so it holds a special place in my heart. I read every single post from the very beginning of her blog and used her blog rolls to find other like blogs and you can see where that led my blog roll! Check the left side of my blog...

The Sewcratic Method - I have recently written quite a lot about this blog. I won a contest on her blog and met her in real life...more than once!!

~E Made This - She is so talented!!  And another great resource for maternity alterations just like Lower your Presser Foot---see above.

Zilredloh - Another Chicago blogger! She goes into great detail about complicated processes..I just cannot get enough!

Roobeedoo - She has some great makes! I went on a crazy mission to find this one retro pattern, McCalls 6245 after seeing her version. It is fantastic!  And I found it...received it the other day...I can't wait to make it!

What a long post!! Took me long enough :)


  1. Hey lady! Fun to read these, even though I knew a lot of it already :-) I love learning about people's little quirks!
    I didn't end up going to the Colette thing tonight, did you make it?

    1. Sadly I did not. And I had my rainbow Beignet ready to go! I convinced myself that by the time I got there after waiting for traffic to die down, the Anise jacket would be sold out and that was half of my reason for going. Plus I wanted to stay in know I love it here :)

  2. Congratulations on the award. I love your fun facts. What I can't figure out is why I don't see you sewing fun pajamas? You can be stylish and colorful in bed.

    1. I have made tons of fun pajamas in the past...except they were all fleece! I am dying to find that one fabric store with the super soft rayon/spandex/jersey to make more pants for regular weather. I should post all my fun PJ pants...good idea!

  3. Thanks so much Amity! It's a big honor!


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