Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween Wedding Wednesday-The Groomsmen

It might be easy to forget about the groomsmen and the groom when doing a Halloween wedding and a bunch of DIY but Halloweening up the groomsmen was so much fun! It all started with my favoritest fabric that I ever found...and I only bought four yards! This was three years ago and I cannot find any more of it....I even tried the Find My Fabric website..but nothing! I check Joann's every year during the Halloween season (where I originally got it) for more...but no luck yet.

It is a polyester black fabric with glittery skulls all over much fun! So we used this amazing fabric for several things. First, I made the ties for the main groomsmen out of it..and one extra for my husband just for fun, but we ended up using that one extra for my father to wear the day of the wedding! I used an existing tie my husband had for the pattern. For the best man, we made a bowtie out of the cute.

from left to right: groomsman 1, groom, best man (see bowtie?), groomsman 2

My father, getting into the Halloween mood, behind us wearing the extra tie..also my dad is extremely tall....we aren't midgets even though it might look so here :)
We had the groomsmen and bridesmaids as well as the parents of the bride and groom change immediately after the ceremony...they still wore costumes to the party!!

And what better way to make the groom stand out than by making his entire vest out of the fabric!! He wore a regular black tie but his entire vest was this sparkly fun fabric...he's such a good sport :) Instead of fitting a pattern to him, we used a vest that fit him and used that for the pattern. I also made it with an adjustable cinching in the back to make it easier to fit.

the handsome husband

After the ceremony he took his jacket off and the glitter rubbed off on guests and me all night!! It was awesome!

good view of vest and of the bustle on my dress

Oh no! I'm a ghost!!! (and you can see the vest)

extreme closeup of the vest while not being worn

I also made the ring cushion out of this fabric as well...I can do a tutorial on how I made it if you want, but it is just a pillow with a fabric covered button tufted in the middle with ribbon under it...but if it helps anyone, I can do it.

cute picture of my little nephew (dressed as a monkey!!) the ring bearer handing the cushion over

good closeup of pillow with ribbon ties in wedding colors

So what do you think? The men look pretty snazzy don't they???? The guys were all such good sports and wore the outfits well...and then really got into it with their costumes which were all groomsman even hand made his costume! Wait until you see's pretty cool...


  1. Skulls AND glitter?!!! It is the perfect fabric. I would have never thought to sew ties. You're so creative.

  2. This is getting better and better! I love the vest. And the ghost picture of you is perfect!


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