Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Wedding Throw

Back in May, a good friend of mine got married and I made her a wedding throw. She loves everything Disney (she had the cutest Cinderella invitations) and she loves butterflies. So I decided to combine those into a throw for her using the embroidery and fabric.

These embroidery designs are from the set here at Embroidery Library. Now let me tell you, these designs are INTENSE! First off, I did not like the color combinations they used because they were not like colors used in the movies. So I went in to edit the colors and it turns out when they used a color, they combined it with all the other items they made in that color (which makes sense to avoid unnecessary color changes). But unfortunately, I wanted the dress in a different color and then all of the sudden it would change the birds too! Because they had set the colors up to make the dress and birds blue. But I wanted a pink dress and blue birds. Argh!

I had to spend hours separating colors and designs and making new color stops in the designs so that I could make them perfect. So what started out as designs that had maybe 27-30 color changes, now morphed into designs with 40+ color changes! Yikes! So you can imagine how long these took to stitch out. Not only that, choosing the colors for each design took awhile and then keeping them in order while they stitched. Each design took easily around 3 hours to stitch. So if you plan on using these designs, keep that in mind. Would I do it differently? No way! These designs are absolutely gorgeous!!  (Make sure to use a heavyweight stablizer--these are stitch intensive)

Here are some close ups.

Snow White

Alice in Wonderland

Cinderella (I did some major sparkle work on that slipper...its beautiful)

Sleeping Beauty

Anyone know who this is? Random princess and prince?

Lastly, here is a good look at the label I made for the quilt.

I don't know if the pictures do this quilt justice. Can you see the pretty fabrics? They are sparkly! And the butterfly I embroidered in the center of each star block? You will just have to take my word for it! And the best part?? She loved it!


  1. What a pretty quilt! That one picture may be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was a brunette and the Beast had a rose that wilted and there's the crown in the top for the prince. Just a guess!

    1. Of course! That makes perfect sense! If I had realized it, I could have made her dress yellow....that would have been more recognizable to me. Good call! Thank you Ginger!!


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