Thursday, March 8, 2012

Red Dress Contest

A few weeks ago, I published about my entry into my first Patternreview contest...the Red Dress Contest. Voting has now begun. If you like my entry, please vote for it here. My username on Patternreview is Spaiyq. My entry was this great Colette Patterns Peony I made out of fun, yet classy, Halloween themed fabric.

There are a ton of cute dresses entered in the contest so make sure to check out the other entries too! Thanks for voting!

P.S. In case you are wondering, as a little side note, what the hell Spaiyq is, I will tell you. Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer the TV show? (best show ever?) and remember the impossibly dreamy Spike?  Well in season 2, episode 3, School Hard, he first introduces himself to us and says his name. Now Spike in the show has a British accent. So he says Spike with a British accent when he tells us his name. And Spaiyq is my attempt to spell it phonetically the way he says it when introducing himself. Makes perfect sense right????  (Lol..keep in mind I started using this name 15 years ago.)

This is the screenshot right after he tells us his name.....remember those good times readers?


  1. So Cute! I love the style of this dress and the fabric. I didn't even see the post about the pants before, I love those. The yellow dress is still my favorite though! You're so talented, I love all the fun stuff you make!

    1. I cannot wait until you finish school and can learn this stuff too! We will make the cutest stuff! I will save the yellow ruffly fabric for that time....


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