Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Throw

Two good friends of mine got married recently and I did not quite get the wedding quilt/throw done I was making for them. But good news! I at least finished the quilt top finally! The top was very involved appliqué that took me forever!! The quilt pattern is called Fun in the Sun and it was actually the pattern I acquired while doing the Southern California Area Quilt Run in June. There were 37 stores this year and I visited all of them! At each store you would get a block pattern and here is the result of that. I did not use some blocks I did not like and instead exchanged two photos of the couple, repeated some of the other blocks, and made a block tailored to them. In order to understand that embroidered block, you have to understand that I am obsessed with Halloween! Everyone knows my cute skull collection and my love of vampire and skull related merchandise. This is why I chose the cute skull kitties to represent their kitties and the skull bride and groom to represent them. I don't know if you can tell, but next to that block there is Halloween Hello Kitty fabric where the kitty is a mummy! It's awesome! I made them a cat bed out of that fabric because she LOVES hello kitty so much and I love Halloween! Here is Sasha (one of their cats) in the bed! (sorry about the light but it's the only photo I have—isn't she cute?) They will definitely never forget where it came from! These two will love the throw and the fun in the sun pattern was perfect. Now all I need to do is sandwich this quilt and quilt it. Like how I said "all" I need to do? Ha! But I will get it done! (and you all will get to see how long it takes me haha)

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