Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Additions to My Etsy Store

Check out these adorable new additions to my etsy store! These are the cutest clips ever! I also added a listing for a Hair Clip Keeper to keep all those barrettes from getting lost!

Look at those little girlie skulls! On purple sequin fabric!

I love the back to school pencils! 

Cutest gingham bows and cowboy hats! Look at the cow print! 

These are the cutest Jewish themed barrettes I have ever seen. Perfect for the holidays!

And of course my favorite...Halloween!

 Look at the jewels on the princess crown and the anchor! I also love the penguin--so festive!

I love the bows on the cat and penguin!

This is a butterfly clippie keeper

And a princess crown clippie keeper

I also added these adorable vintage look rose!

What do you think? I think they are the cutest! I have already sold a bunch to friends and family so I figured it was time to put them on etsy!  You can find all of these listed in my etsy shop.

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