Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Wedding Wednesday-Envelopes and Stamps

I literally had every tiny detail planned out for my wedding. All the way down to stamps...and even putting skeleton faces on the portraits and pictures in the ballroom of the reception since I did not like them---but I am getting ahead of myself. One detail I used was envelopes and stamps. The ones I am covering here today were strictly for my Save the Dates. I used completely different items for my invitations for the wedding and for the shower invitations. Everything had to fit the theme of the event.

These are the envelopes I picked out for the Save the Dates--also from Vistaprint.

I also printed the addresses on them using my computer and printer and the envelopes and labels function in Microsoft Word. To maintain continuity, I did the name of the couple or person in Blood of Dracula again, and then address in Decadenta Frax again.

The stamps we used for the Save the Date were these adorable ones we found on Zazzle.
Lastly, I sealed the envelopes with these amazing Martha Stewart Halloween stickers. Just in case the Save the Date, envelope, and stamp wasn't enough to get our point across :)

They were three dimensional stickers with all sorts of fun designs that really added the finishing touch. I do want to add a word of caution though...make sure you check on the weight AND WIDTH of what you are sending before buying your stamps. Luckily we did that ahead of time so we were okay. But what we did not do was make sure everything was hand cancelled and things got smooshed in the mail. Make sure to have everything hand cancelled. Especially since we had a three dimensional sticker. Hand cancelled just means it does not go through the machine so things do not get bent out of shape. You should definitely do that for your wedding invitation too...of course we didn't and some of ours ended up to people in pieces...but I am getting ahead of myself aren't I?

There are many other Halloween themed stamps on Zazzle. A super cute one for a wedding might be this one:

If only that one was available...I might have incorporated it in as well.
And the great thing about that website is, you can get almost everything coordinated. From envelopes, to invitations, to stamps. Take a minute to browse.

Do you think these were the right pieces to go with the Save the Date from my previous Wedding Wednesday post?


  1. i just saw this and had to show it to you:
    you could use bats or something instead of dinosaurs!

    1. Omg those are awesome! And I could totally halloweenify them! Except I'm going to wear them year round.....


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