Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Wedding Wednesday-Save the Date

Today we start with the Save the Date!  A save the date is important for a Halloween wedding, especially if you are doing it the weekend of Halloween, because others might schedule Halloween parties. So getting out the save the date a good five months in advance is a must! I think we just barely missed the 5 months mark but that is because we wanted to use a picture from our engagement photo session on it and of course I did not schedule the photo session enough in advance!

We had an idea of what we wanted for our save the date and told the photographer and we tried a bunch of pictures at our engagement session to nail down what we wanted. As I stated in my engagement photos post, it is all trial and error. Unfortunately what we had tried and had as our idea, did not translate for us in the photos. It was just not what we were looking for.

These are the first try....does not fit our theme
This is part of what helped us realize that we like smiling...

Luckily, we had the worlds greatest photographers and when she heard this, she agreed to do another session, completely free, to get that exact picture and look we wanted. And when we showed up she had tons of new ideas and ways to do the pose so we could be sure to find exactly the photo we wanted. And you know what? It worked! We found it and our save the date could not have been more awesome!

This is it!
This finally hit the nail on the head! This fit our Halloween. This was campy, old horror movie style. And it worked perfectly for what we wanted. The final save the date looked like this!

You can see the addition of fangs on this one.....and yes we
did require people to wear costumes...more on that to come

We had these printed onto magnets using Vistaprint. The fonts we used were Blood of Dracula (save the date), Grapefruit (formal invitation to follow [that link will lead you to what the font looks like, but I had it in my Microsoft came with it]), and Decadenta Frax (everything else). By making it ourselves, we were able to include a skull (gotta have skulls!) and the cutest little heart spider...because I love hearts and sparkles and things.

We also had an accompaniment to the save the date printed on cardstock to give all the major details, like hotels, events, etc since the magnet had limited space. If you want to see that, send me a private message. Most of the info is not something that should probably be posted on the internet but if you would like the general idea of the theme and how I put it together, I would be happy to send it out personally.

What do you think of the save the date? Did it capture our message?


  1. Oh my goodness!! I'm so smitten with this.Your expressions are perfect.


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