Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Wedding Wednesday-Venue

Venue for a Halloween wedding can be so many different things. The idea is to think about the venue that will most fit the way you are interpreting the Halloween theme. For us that meant the Queen Mary. It is haunted, the boat has all the original wood paneling and ambiance, plus Dark Harbor!

The year before our wedding, I had gone to the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor and it was awesome!  It is the Queen Mary's version of Haunted Halloween mazes and such. A lot of theme parks do special Halloween haunted nights around Halloween time and the Queen Mary definitely participates. It is not as big as theme parks, but the mazes are better...I think so anyway. And it is not as crowded. Anyway, the prior year I had discovered this amazing photobooth type guy that I had to have for our wedding. The first thing I did when we decided it would be a Halloween wedding was to call that guy and make sure he was available since I knew he would also be doing the Dark Harbor again. Second, I booked the Queen Mary. I know that seems backwards but that is how great this guy's services were. And that's all I am saying about it for will have to wait and see!

We were lucky to get scheduled in the Queen Mary. We started talking about the wedding end of April but officially got engaged in May. We were soooooo lucky that they had a place left on the last Saturday of Halloween on such a prime venue as the Queen Mary. (Yes we planned and made this happen fairly quickly---What can I say? When you know, you know!) They have three ballrooms and the only ballroom they had left (Verandah) was for about 100 people which was exactly what our estimate was. It was meant to be!

But you are not here to just listen to my venue. Other great ideas I have seen are weddings in cemeteries. A lot of large cemeteries actually have weddings and areas. There have been plenty of weddings in haunted mansions. I would have loved to do something like the Winchester Mystery House (but I no longer live in Northern California).  In fact, my mother tried to get the Winchester Mystery House for my Bat Mitzvah (October 28, 1995) since it was around Halloween and we all know my fun tendencies but it was booked on the Halloween weekend dates 5 years in advance! Yikes!

What else?  I'm sure there are other haunted ships to use. What about theme parks? I know you can get married at some, I wonder if some will let you get married there during their haunted night festivities?  And then there is the classic, a backyard or outside. There are so many great ways to decorate backyards and outside for Halloween themed weddings.

Any other ideas?  Please comment your genius thoughts!

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